Home-delivered Meal Survey Results

Sullivan County Nutrition Services is providing the best service possible. In order to do that, we

conduct annual surveys to assist us in learning where we can improve. We are happy to share our most

recent survey results.

1. Personality of the drivers is an important part of the delivery of meals. We are happy to learn that 100

percent of the drivers are either always pleasant to usually pleasant when delivering a meal.

2. When calling SCNS with questions, 100 percent of responders reported the person who helps is

pleasant and respectful all of the time to most of the time.

3. When asked if participants do not have enough money to purchase food, over 46 percent he/she stated this to be true.

4. The home-cooked meal delivered by SCNS provides one-half or more of total food for the day is true

for nearly 93 percent of responders.

5. Participants (96.5 percent) rated overall Meals-on-Wheels services from excellent, very good to good.

6. When participants were asked if the Meals-on-Wheels (MOW) allows him/her to be healthier, over 85

percent said yes. When asked if MOW is vital in their ability to remain in their home, nearly 80 percent

said yes. When asked if participants feel safer knowing the deliverer will be checking on their safety,

nearly 90 percent said yes. When asked if MOW is vital in their ability to continue to live at home, almost

80 percent reported yes.

7. Individuals were asked if they access their local food pantry or soup kitchen, 84 percent reported they

do not access local meals (20 percent) or both (71 percent).

8. Choosing between money for food or other items, 32 percent of responders reported this as a true


9. Additional benefits of MOW according to participants includes, daily visits from MOW drivers (22

percent), nutritious meals (20 percent) or both (71 percent).

10. The MOW driver is the only person an individual sees during the week is true for 26 percent of


11. When asked what resources individuals use to learn about information that will assist individuals as

they age, only 25 percent reported internet, nearly 30 percent reported local newspaper, 47 percent

reported learning information from others, and 26 percent learn information from monthly newsletters or

while visiting the senior center.

12. MOW response to COVID-19 as rated at 95 percent favorable.

13. Taste is important when eating a nutritious meal and 100 percent reported they are satisfied with the

taste of the meal all the time, most of the time to some of the time.

14. Over 60 percent of individuals reported having difficulty getting out of the house to shop.

15. MOW reported dislikes: riblets (1 percent), onions (1 percent), fruit cups (0.6 percent), chicken cacciaore (0.6 percent), chicken divan (0.6 percent), chicken (0.6 percent), chicken pot pie (0.6 percent),

tacos (0.6 percent), stuffed cabbage (0.6 percent) and stuffed peppers (0.6 percent).

16. MOW reported favorite meals: chicken, macaroni and cheese, soups, beans and hot dogs, meatloaf,

salads, everything, pot roast, spaghetti and meatballs, fish, chowders, stuffed cabbage, fruits, ham, shepherd's pie, vegetables, desserts, stuffed peppers, chef salad, hamburgers, Brunch, sandwiches,

potatoes, riblets, taco salad, rice pizza, turkey, broccoli, cheddar soup, roast beef, pork and so much more.

17. Additional comments included, but not limited to the following:

"If I am not satisfied with a meal, I "doctor" it up with herbs, sauces or salt because I know you have

many clients you serve with so many different allergies, dislikes and medical conditions. In the end, it all

works out for me."

Everything is wonderful

Meals delivered is a great help because I do not drive.

All the drivers are great folks.

Driver does a wonderful job.

My driver is amazing, thoughtful, and always smiles.

Mark package better.

My driver is the best.

When I call the office, everyone is very helpful and always kind.

I would like more gravy on my roast beef please.

18. Total meals served--121,637. Those before us would be proud to see how much we have grown over

the years from 25 meals per day when they first started to 500 meals today.

19. Total Miles driven to deliver Meals-on-Wheels--80,512

20. Average Meals-on-Wheels Client Donations received per meal--0.71 cents.

21. Uncompensated Cost (cost not covered by state and federal funding)--$376,557.

22. Total Volume Hours: 2,410 Hours.

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